Chapter 1Edit

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is the first series of missions in Bully, which are listed in order:
  • Welcome to Bullworth
  • This Is Your School
  • The Setup
  • Slingshot
  • Save Algie
  • A Little Help
  • Defend Bucky
  • That Bitch
  • The Candinate
  • Halloween
  • The Big Prank
  • Help Gary
  • Russel In The Hole

Missions you don't have to doEdit

  • The Diary
  • Character Sheets


Jimmy has just attended Bullworth Academy, and is hated by everyone (50% respect from all factions.) He then meets Gary and Petey. He then is told by Gary to change into his uniform if he dosen't want to get into trouble. He also buys a Beam Cola to heal himself, since he got into a fight with Davis White before he entered, and got punched by Russel.

Afterwards, Jimmy enters the Main Building. Gary then shows him around. He leads him to Russel's locker, where Jimmy learns how to appologize to people being aggresive. He then breaks into Russel's locker. Afterwards he goes to see what Eunice wants, then either pays or fights somebody to get them back.

He then kisses Eunice, but is disguisted by her desprate style of kissing. Gary also mocks Jimmy for kissing Eunice. At the end of Chapter 1, Gary tricks Jimmy into following him into The Hole, where he tricks Russel into fighting Jimmy. If Jimmy wins, then Russel sides with Jimmy and gets 100% respect from The Bullies.