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Derby harrington


"Harringtons never lose!" - Derby Harrington

Derby is the Leader of The Prep clique, and is snobby, rich and hateful. After being beaten in Chapter 2 by Jimmy, he and his clique are friendly towards Jimmy until everybody hates him in Chapter 5. His name is pronounced Darby, possibly suggesting that it was his original beta name.


Derby has his first appearence in the caffateria, holding his girlfreind Pinky in one arm and chatting to Tad. His next appearence is when Jimmy wins Bif in a boxing match in The Boxing Club, where he calls Jimmy a filthy democrat and sends the Preps to fight Jimmy, while he flees to the upstairs Bar. When Jimmy goes upstairs, he fights Jimmy with his Boss Style.

He will also sometimes call in other Preps to fight Jimmy in the boss fight. Then afterwards, he admits Jimmy was stronger than him.  He also appears in the cutscene starting Leaving A Mark. His third and final appearence (excluding being found in freeroam) is in the Chapter 5 mission, Preppies Vandalized.

He appears first standing in shock with Bif and Gord, as they look and see that somebody has broken in and stole their boxing trophies, and nearly goes to war with The Greasers until Jimmy convinces him it was the townies. He then says  that Jimmy knows what he can do with the photos, and walks away with Bif laughing snobishly. I'ts not clear what he meant by this, but we suspect he meant turn them into The Police like a poor man.

Role in GameEdit

Boxing Challenge Dishonorable Fight - Mission 26 - Bully Scholarship Edition

Boxing Challenge Dishonorable Fight - Mission 26 - Bully Scholarship Edition

Derby boss fight

Derby dosen't have much of a role in the game until Chapter 2, when he is mentioned by some Preps and Petey as the main person the Preps are lead by. They also sometimes mention his right hand man who guards him, Bif.

His role isn't a large part in the game, but he does need to be beaten in  Dishonorable Fight  for Chapter 3 to be unlocked. After that, Derby dosen't really have any role in the game.


Derby is snobby, ignorant and rude. He thinks of other people in his clique as tools, and someone to use to do all his work. He also has no respect for adults on the street, and will mock and shove them. When insulting he uses a snobbish, heavily-British tone, and will come out with ignorant insults mocking people for being not as rich as he is.

He also hates Greasers, as he thinks of them as poor democrats. He will also use posh words to insult, instead of normally insulting like Jimmy he will call somebody something rather peticular, like "You, humungelous bighead!" He is also hated by Townies besides Greasers, and slightly by Jocks and Nerds.

He also has no rival with Bullies, but will attack them if provoked as he also hates them.