Russel NorthopEdit

300px-Russell Northrop

Russel in the hole.

"Now Russel Mad! Gruh!!!!"

Russel Northop is the largest student on campus, and, during Chapter 1, an antagonist. He is two years older than Jimmy, being aged seventeen. He also speaks with grammar mistakes, such as saying "Me Russel" or something else without propper English. He can also be hired but is not kissable.


Russell first appears in the second mission, This Is Your School, when Jimmy learns how to appologise to him and unlocks the option of appologising. His second appearence is when you the player gets a 25% appology bonus. Next, he appears in Mission 14: Russel In The Hole / Help Gary.

Gary leads Jimmy into a bunch of bullies which he must knock out, and then through the basement to "The Hole" attempting to get him beaten up by Russel in front of the whole school. Gary lies that Jimmy had said something about Russel's mom and farmyard animals, which offended him. After beating Russel, Jimmy helps him up and from then on Russel helps Jimmy.

He then also appears in the Chapter 2 Mission The Eggs, and makes a lot of appearences in Chapter 5, in Busting In part I, Busting in part II, and Total Mayhem. He also helps Jimmy beat up the cliques in Total Mayhem, and breaks an entry to the school after it had been locked, presumably by the Police.


Russel, like any bully, likes to taunt and attack other students. He is also the most violent student on Campus. He is also very aggresive to Nerds and will attack any of them on sight. His fighting style against Jimmy is blocking and then powerful Punches. He also has a huge life bar.